Centremount Neighbourhood Improvements – We Need Your Voice!

Over the summer the Centremount Neighbourhood association has been working closely with Councillor Donna Skelly and her office towards a number of improvements within the Centremount Neighbourhood.

While Councillor Skelly has been very supportive and helpful, we need your voice to help get things moving, and make sure that what we are proposing has the support of our community.

There are three current initiatives that we’d like to hear your opinion on…

1. Bruce Park Splash Pad

A splash pad for Bruce Park is one of the Centremount Neighbourhood Association’s top priorities.

When you look at the map of Hamilton splash pad locations, our neighbourhood is obviously missing out.

Hamilton Splash Pad Map

We are very encouraged by Councillor Skelly’s support, however, we need to show the City of Hamilton that there is genuine community support for a splash pad at Bruce Park.

If you’d like to add your support, please sign our petition for a splash pad at Bruce Park!

Petition for a Splash Pad at Bruce Park


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2. Pedestrian, Cycling & Aesthetic Improvements For Upper James

Councillor Skelly is leading the charge for pedestrian, cycling and aesthetic improvements for Upper James.

We believe that this is fantastic news for the Centremount Neighbourhood! (Read more about the initial proposal here.)


The current installation of a new signalized intersection at the corner of Upper James and Inverness promises to help the situation (especially as the catchment area for Queensdale School now extends to West 5th north of Fennell) but there is so much more that can be done to improve the section of Upper James north of Fennell.

From the article in the Mountain News:

Skelly said she will be asking city staff in the fall to prepare a report on how Upper James can be urbanized without impacting traffic flow, including the possibility of adding bicycle lanes.

She expects the review process to take a year and will include some public meetings.

“I would like to see in the spring of 2018 something happen,” she said.

As a community it is time for us to start imagining what this section of Upper James could be, identify priorities and start coordinating our vision with Councillor Skelly.

3. Community Art and Events

Councillor Skelly is very supportive of a number of community art projects and events at both Bruce Park and Sam Lawrence Park.

While the plans are still being developed, we will share details as soon as we can.

In the mean time, as a Neighbourhood Association we want to know what your thoughts are for engaging our community in these projects.

sam lawrence park hamilton

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