Councillor Skelly’s July 2016 Ward 7 Newsletter

Hello everyone, please find Councillor Skelly’s July 2016 Ward 7 Newsletter below.

Councillor Skelly is proposing many simple but exciting changes that promise to immediately improve the lifestyle we enjoy in the Centremount Community.

Specific highlights include:

  • Lowering speed limits (yay!).
  • Improvements to problem intersections.
  • Streetscaping, planting more trees and flowers.
  • Expanded walkways and cycling features along the Mountain Brow from Scenic Drive to Stoney Creek.

Take a look and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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Ward 7


                        Keeping you connected to City Hall – July 2016 edition
Dear Friends:

As your newly elected Councillor, I want to first thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you at Hamilton City Hall.  Many of you have let me know that you are interested in seeing improvements to our roads, parks and neighbourhoods.  To that end, my staff and I have been working hard to ensure that your road safety concerns are addressed, by lowering speed limits, installing speed bumps, and requesting changes to problem intersections.  We are also asking for streetscape improvements, by planting more trees and flowers in medians.  We’d like to thank City Hall staff for helping us achieve these goals.

Some of the bigger issues on our agenda include opening up more vistas along the Mountain Brow.  We are also working with staff and fellow Councillors to have the Mountain Brow designated a City priority, with expanded walkway and cycling features extending from Scenic Drive to Stoney Creek.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to visit the Concession Street BIA’s Sidewalk Sounds.  It takes place the third Friday of every month until September, and features an evening of live music, wonderful food, and of course, great shopping.  Our office is happy to provide free parking for Sidewalk Sounds.  Concession Streetfest is back this year on August 13th.  You can find more information on both events at

We held our first “Coffee with the Councillor” event at Sackville Hill Seniors Centre on June 21st.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting  you, and hearing your thoughts on issues ranging from sidewalks to Sam Lawrence Park.  Our next event will take place in September.

In the months ahead, I look forward to working with all of you to make life in Ward 7, and across the City, better for all of us.

Neighbourhood associations making a difference in Ward 7

Centremount Neighbourhood Association

The Centremount Neighbourhood Association was formed in the spring of 2016 to promote a strong, unified and engaged community. Our Executive Board is in place and we are excited to be establishing our community goals and planning our 2016 events.

On Saturday, July 16th please join us for our first event – The Centremount Block Party, a fun filled family event in Bruce Park from 2:00 to 6:00pm.  Highlights include Puddle Jumping (bring a change of clothes!), Slip N’ Slide, Food, Yoga, a Photo booth, T-shirt decorating and lots of fun activities for the kids. Please be sure to visit the Centremount Neighbourhood Association tent, share your priorities, learn more about our goals and help us make our neighbourhood better by becoming a member.

There is no limit to what we can achieve when we work together and we are looking forward to both enhancing our community and many years of neighbourhood fun!

For more information visit

or contact us by email at

Balfour -Hill Park Neighbourhood Association

I am happy to announce that the Balfour -Hill Park Neighbourhood Association is now in action! Over the past few years, residents have faced some big changes. We have lost 2 schools, an Early Years Centre, our children now take the bus, and we may see the loss of the land in the future- along with our daycare centre.  As time goes by and things change, residents must be prepared. By working together and with our City Councilor Donna Skelly we now have the opportunity to make sure our voices are heard.

By meeting and having open discussions about what we want to see happen in our community, we can make sure our neighbourhoods are friendly, healthy, safe,  and inclusive to all residents. Having a say in issues and the opportunities to make suggestions will help our neighbourhoods thrive.

As we enter in to the summer months and children are home, it is a great time to spend some active time at our community parks. Parks are located at Linden Park School, Sackville Seniors Centre, and Norwood Park Elementary.  We also house a recreation centre with a pool at Hill Park. Please remember to slow down and be extra vigilant while driving during the summer months when children are outside playing.

Sarah Warry-Poljanski


Vista Walk Study in the works

The City of Hamilton is currently working on a plan to open up the spectacular views of the lower City from the Mountain Brow.  The initial study has identified fourteen potential Vista locations in Ward 7 alone.

To achieve its goal, the City would remove part of the urban forest canopy to open up the view.  To compensate for the loss, native large-stature trees would be planted in open areas near the Vista openings.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve the recreational infrastructure along the Mountain Brow, including improvements to lighting, parking, and the trail system, while preserving the ecological integrity of the Niagara Escarpment.

This plan is currently in the draft stage, and the project team leaders would love to hear your thoughts on their proposals.  You can add your comments online at:



McMaster offering “Diversity and Resiliency” course

This September, the McMaster Discovery Program is offering a free university-level, non-credit course to adults living in Hamilton who experience barriers to accessing higher learning opportunities.

The course is called “Diversity and Resiliency: Human Differences and our Ability to Overcome Challenges”. We will examine human differences (diversity), how these differences can create challenges for people in their daily lives and how people overcome these challenges. Differences such as age, ability, sexual orientation, gender, income, race, culture and religion can influence life experiences in various ways.

The course runs 11 am to 3 pm on Saturdays from 10 September to 10 December 2016.

Apply through our online form or if you do not have access to a computer please give Patrick Byrne, coordinator of the McMaster Discovery Program, a call at 905-525-9140 ext. 24066 and leave a message to make alternate arrangements.

For more information please visit our website

New website on the way!

Keep your eyes peeled for Ward 7’s new website,,  expected to go live in the coming week. This website aims to be your go-to destination for Ward 7 news and information. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on the website please email .

















Hamilton updates vision statement

Last month Hamilton City Council officially changed the city’s vision statement to “the best place to raise a child and age successfully”. The phrase replaces the former vision statement “the best place to raise a child”, which was adopted by the city in 2007. The newer version is meant to be more inclusive, and was prompted by city staff’s new 2016-2025 Strategic Plan.

Coffee with your Councillor

You’re invited to have a coffee with Ward 7 Councillor Donna Skelly, and discuss the issues that matter to you. All Ward 7 constituents are welcome to drop in with their questions and concerns.

Date: Thursday September 8th 2016

Place: Sackville Hill Seniors Recreation Centre, rooms 1 & 2

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Inch Pool closed for repairs

The Inch Park Outdoor Pool will likely be closed until Monday July 18th for necessary repairs to correct water clarity issues. If repairs are complete prior to July 18th, the pool will open as soon as possible. Hill Park Recreation Centre and Walker Outdoor Pool are the closest options. Schedules are available at

Meet the team! image007

(from the left: Debbie Walker, Grant MacLean, Christine Pierce, Donna Skelly)

Each member of our office is committed to serving Ward 7 constituents. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

Call: 905-546-2706

Or Email:





3 thoughts on “Councillor Skelly’s July 2016 Ward 7 Newsletter”

  1. While Vistas sound lovely the removal of trees on hill sides are not smart, they cause erosion and landslides, we need the trees and the established habitats to maintain the land and eco systems integral to the sustainability of the brow. They also act as a filter along these red zones where air quality is poor. Planting new immature trees is no substitute.

    1. Are speed bumps in the works for any of the smaller side-streets near Queensdale Elementary School? Is there any time-frame for implementation?
      I certainly hear and see lots of speeding along the two arterial roads, Upper James and Upper Wellington, both late at night and in the morning.

      1. Hi Rob – nothing specific that we know of – but if speed humps and speeding on Upper James and Upper Wellington are a concern in the community, its certainly something that the Centremount Neighbourhood Association could help to push for improvements – that’s what we’re here for!

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