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Centremount Neighbourhood Improvements – We Need Your Voice!

Over the summer the Centremount Neighbourhood association has been working closely with Councillor Donna Skelly and her office towards a number of improvements within the Centremount Neighbourhood.

While Councillor Skelly has been very supportive and helpful, we need your voice to help get things moving, and make sure that what we are proposing has the support of our community.

There are three current initiatives that we’d like to hear your opinion on…

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Centremount Community Garage Sale – Saturday July 2

Come check out the CENTREMOUNT COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE on Saturday July 2nd, 2016! 8AM-11AM

Multi-address sale, all within the neighbourhood boundaries (between Upper James Street, Upper Wellington Street, Fennell Avenue and the Escarpment).

Here is a map of participating addresses:

113 E 5th St, Hamilton, ON L9A 2Z5
169 E 8th St, Hamilton, ON L9A 4Y7
121 Belvidere Ave, Hamilton, ON L9A 3B6
101 Knyvet Ave, Hamilton, ON L9A 3J6
8 Millen Ave, Hamilton, ON L9A 2T4
224 Queensdale Ave E, Hamilton, ON L9A 1L1
56 Rosedene Ave, Hamilton, ON L9A 1E9
16 Searle St, Hamilton, ON L9A 2V5
20 Skyland Dr, Hamilton, ON L9A 3C1
64 Skyland Dr, Hamilton, ON L9A 3C1
32 Southill Dr, Hamilton, ON L9A 3K5

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